Connecting people and groups with their strengths, passion, vision, and purpose.

Bilingual coaching and facilitation services for individuals and organizations

Support to create the change you desire

Simple and accessible frameworks for success

15+ years experience facilitating productive collaborations

Feeling confused or hesitant about what’s next for you personally or professionally?

Are you:


Wanting to spend more time doing the things that give you real satisfaction at work and in your personal life?


Launching a personal project or new business but having trouble getting started?


Struggling to make a plan and stick to it?

Is your organization or team:


Needing support or guidance to harness their creative potential?


Dealing with conflict or lack of cohesion?


Looking to craft a new vision for the future and a plan to get there that is strategic, engaging and implementable?

Life is too short to sit on the fence!

You deserve the right support on the path to defining and achieving your own version of success!

What if…


You could make a difference for the people and causes you care about?


You could gain clarity on what your best life looks like?

You felt empowered and motivated to make the changes needed?
You knew the steps to realizing your “big dreams”?

Meet Marie-France

I remember feeling that my job didn’t resemble me anymore. It was like I was always jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Trying to be all things to all people is exhausting, and not working from your strengths can wear you out.

Just like you, I wanted my ideas and hard work to matter more.

Over the past 15 years working as a consultant and coach, I have helped individuals and organizations take steps towards their strengths, passion, vision, and purpose.

I can help you clarify your goals, plan your transition and stick to your plan. You have it in yourself to live the life you were meant to live, with purpose and joy!

Here’s how we can work together:

1-to-1 Coaching

I’m here to support you in bringing forth the change you desire and holding you accountable for your learning. Together, we can identify the thoughts and patterns that are blocking you and clarify your values ​​and what matters to you.

Group Facilitation

Get support for productive meetings and ambitious and realistic planning. I provide a simple and accessible framework for collaboration between organizations working towards a common goal.

Motivational Maps

Identify your key motivators to get clarity and achieve your goals. Acting on motivation is the most effective way to positively impact your performance or the performance of your organization. Perfect for individuals, groups, and teams.

Group Coaching

Explore our group coaching events that allow you to experience coaching in a welcoming group setting with peers who share common concerns and interests. Using your curiosity, uncover your authentic self and your personal goals in a safe and friendly environment.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with…

Some Kind Words…

I loved working with Marie-France. She is very attentive and helped me put into words what I had difficulty expressing, which supported me in moving forward. I recommend her without hesitation.

J. B., Coaching Client

Thanks again for such a wonderful day yesterday. The team is still buzzing! I think it will have a great effect on our planning this year.

M. McCann, Senior Director - Children's Content, CBC Kids

I liked your message “motivation leads to doing things”. In my opinion, everyone was touched by the simplicity and authenticity of your message. Thank you!

C. Parent-McCullough

It’s easy to get started:

Step 1

Schedule A Call

We’ll clarify your vision for success, so that your strengths and skills are engaged in getting you there

Step 2

Develop A Plan

Stay focused on results with motivation and energy for the things that matter.

Step 3

Make An Impact

Be the person who achieves goals and inspires others! 

Motivational Video


From Where I Stand…

Tips, Strategies and Inspiration

Lead so others will lead

Lead so others will lead

I am not so good at delegating. Let’s just say that I like to do things by myself: free to succeed and to fail on my own terms. There is also, still, a part of me that wants to please and be a “nice girl”. In the last year or so, on a bit of a self-improvement and...

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